The Body in the Mist (DCI Craig Gillard #3)

The Body in the Mist (DCI Craig Gillard volume 3)


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The Body in the Mist (DCI Craig Gillard book 3)
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Book Description

A brutal murder hints at a terrifying mystery, and this time it’s personal.

A body is found on a quiet lane in Exmoor, victim of a hit and run. He has no ID, no wallet, no phone, and – after being dragged along the road – no recognisable face.

Meanwhile, fresh from his last case, DCI Craig Gillard is unexpectedly called away to Devon on family business.

Gillard is soon embroiled when the car in question is traced to his aunt. As he delves deeper, a dark mystery reveals itself, haunted by family secrets, with repercussions Gillard could never have imagined.  

The past has never been deadlier.

From master storyteller Nick Louth comes the third installment in the DCI Craig Gillard series. Compelling, fast-paced and endlessly enjoyable, The Body in the Mist is a triumph, perfect for fans of Robert Bryndza, Angela Marsons and Faith Martin

What readers are saying about Nick Louth

‘An unputdownable, heart-thudder of a read’ Carol Wyer, author of Little Girl Lost

‘This was up there with the best thrillers I have ever read.’

‘Had me hooked from the start! I would definitely recommend this book.’

‘It grips you from the first page to the last. Excellent.’

  •    Zulunos Michalzik
    The Body in the Mist is the third in the DCI Craig Gillard series about a hard-working detective based in Surrey, England. I had already read and enjoyed the first two, and have an ARC of the next one which is already overdue, but you could easily read this as a stand-alone as you get all the background you need, but few spoilers. I am very glad that I decided not to skip this one before reading book four, however, as we learn a lot about Craig’s terrible family history and events here must surely affect him going forward.

    On a misty afternoon, a hit & run victim is found on a quiet road near Barnstaple in Devon. The body has been stripped of any identifying features and the police have no witnesses. Craig, and his younger wife, Sam, have taken a weekend off work to travel down to visit his difficult elderly aunts and his uncle, who has dementia. When the car from the accident turns out to belong to his formidable aunt Barbara, he is drawn into the investigation, to the displeasure of the investigating DI, Jan Talantire, but horrific secrets begin to emerge and his family members look more and more guilty.

    This one had a lot of separate plot-lines going on, and there was a bit too much coincidence involved to keep them linked together. I enjoyed the mystery and didn’t predict how it would turn out - but confess I disliked the rather open ending. I hope that the elements left hanging will be resolved in the next book.
    Most of the characters are pretty awful - even our hero is grumpy and arrogant, putting his own need to satisfy his curiosity in his private investigation of a cold case with no possibility of achieving justice over his duties in his actual job. Sam is gullible and petulant, and Podge, Trish & Barbara the relatives from hell. I did like sensible over-stretched but competent DI Talantine and would happily meet her again in a spin-off series.

    Louth writes well and I had no problems picturing the scenes. There were quite a few animal deaths (sheep and dogs) - referred to but not described - and the description of the original victim was a bit gory, but there isn’t a lot of violence or bad language. It’s certainly not a cosy mystery though!
    Despite some reservations, this was a good story and I think I’m going to break my normal rule and move straight on to the next book, as I can’t wait to find out what happens next.


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